To Physical Science! You Must Admit!

As a field of study, is it NOT!! inner and inter-human space that is the most mysterious, vast, terrifying, and promising of return? Is it not a more profound field of study than the physical universe?
Consider psychopaths, love, bad conversation, families.
The multiverse, the molecular and sub-molecular levels receive endless funds, time, and respect. I don’t question this so much, I realize that the Hard sciences deal in Hard-ass quantities.
Meanwhile, despite histories of religion and philosophy, the depth of what is human remains much more shrouded in uncertainty than molecules and black holes and nano-drones. There’s no tech for seeing the psyche, no math, no quantities. Jung gets it going, the whole thing without taking hallucinogens, but how to follow? How to ask that discipline of the average individual? 

It's a cultural issue; Bill Nye is never going to talk about Jung on his program.
Neurology could maybe...
Probably not too soon.