Big thinkers of psychology , culture, and the image, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, have encouraged me to picture my life and artistic vocation as a mythic story.  The story is larger than myself, connected integrally to everything, though in no way guaranteed in how it will turn out or be experienced as happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful, a win or a loss.

I’ve collected the facts of my story from all the things that fascinate me: animation and painting, music of different styles and from different parts of history, the human psyche and its contemporary understanding in evolutionary theory and neurology, and the overwhelming speed and layering of human life today. 

My story is of a lost alien language buried deep within me. I am the carrier of a truth I cannot speak, but one which I can touch. It shows its code in light, in movement, in duration, and in atmospheres of affect very precise yet unnamed.  Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it is a euphoria. 

Catching this streaming code requires speed, and so it is mostly in technological media that I approach it. Animation, video, and electronic forms of music are the tools most suited to bridging the gap between myself and the language deep within me. I produce intensities of light and color, movement, melody and speed, in pursuit of words and facts beyond conscious apprehension. My work is spun of richly felt artifice, whichwhispers of things to come, in a synethstetic future.  Notions of embodiment and immersion,  in relation to the larger field of attention and awareness, are addressed continually in my search.  

Ultimately, I am concerned with presence over anything else. I make art because it is a presence, it conveys this lost alien language in the only way that I can imagine. Musical or visual, durational or still, I want to touch others with what I’ve felt, as speaking it seems out of the question.