-Sept 21st (a poem-image)

As if the back pain is not enough! 

As if the back pain is not enough, and the endless dragon named Distraction
    My heart can't take this

How I love and love every creature, especially my fellow human ones,  
    for they are like me

And like me they are a cosmos each, a vision of architecture, a politics, 
    a romantic literature, and a technology, and a sense of the heroic

Where oh where does it end, this and every feeling? 
    Why a heart at all? 
    What does the species need?

The plants hang about me, wondering at my unsightly feed and growth
The windows make some leaves yellow and, indeed, indicate somewhat the blood beneath my flesh. 
    What of your hearts , fern and lily? 
    What do you think you are staring at? 

And how boring it has become, public charges against humanity by humanity. Sociopaths aside (for the moment), 
    What of our hearts, hearts?
    What do we think we are staring at? 

I ask, and then I ask my heart to cool its golden rings in time. For now another life dangles before my
    disappearing hands. Almost violently, I want to cool all the pain. 
    The windows set me on to evening, and wish the plants sweet dreams.