Selected Music Discography


Joan of Arc:

So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness (Jade Tree Records).

In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust (Perishable Records).

Presents Guitar Duets(Polyvinyl Records).

Boo! Human (Polyvinyl Records).

Flowers (Polyninyl Records).

Live in Chcago, 1999 (Jade Tree Records).

The Gap (Jade Tree Records).



All Are Welcome (Other Electricites Records).

German for Sharks (Other Electricities Records).



Action Glass Chambers (Baro Records)

Animals of Stars (Breathing and Receiving Oxygen Records)


The Margin Suites:

A set of compositions created with sound artist and musician Rick Gribenas for the book Participatory Autonomy. The book/record is available through (Autonomedia) as a set.



Friend/Enemy (Perishable Records) 


Sharks and Seals:

It Used to be Knobs and Machines Now it’s Numbers and Light (Brillianted Records) and It’s Hard Not to Mean Anything (Is Collage Collective)