(un-edited) fields and connections/overlap of fields.  
mage.     transmission.      manifestation of a form that takes its place between the image-work and the viewer psyche    entity in limbo….      unconscious.     below the ground. myth.     and faculties (greek myth)     and substances / types of beings or forces: music and substances 
(violin, piano, trumpet and light, water, lightening)       faith.     beyond one's time. beyond the talk of the day. faith in those things which tie one to oneself. those things which one knows, simply. faith, not in a higher power, but in one's own and known power (animal of star) .       attention.  
 what one has in one's attention, one is.         the place of a being is attention. is a thought, an appearance, a touch, a taste. it vibrates back and forth        quickly.          being/becoming pulses. flickers.  no, life flickers actually.          
 becoming.         there is no one. there is mutation, growing.  the psyche.         psyche.  
hambers.          brain chambers; evolution. sections or spaces of apprehending the world. various architectures for various types or structures of apprehension.          (a home has various rooms per various faculties)          (chambers of the home in video bed)           gentleness.         Mary w/ child image…something about the gentleness of mary always strikes me. but there is devotion as well.               gentleness is like a shelter. a mother's shelter for her child. with Jesus, the gentleness of Mary allowed for a new world. her shelter.          her giving or letting of her own life for another ….          Gentleness is the gift of space. This is the gardener, the planter, who makes space for a plant, and lets air and nutrients into the soil.  ghost.       because a person is not contained, s/he projects. and s/he is built of memory too.       because media whips our attention around, and into a tizzy. we are not where we are. that is a ghost.       images: they do not hoist fully formed entities in front of us. but they take our eyes or minds in a direction towards consideration of entities.  
ovement.         mind moves. body moves. the animal moves, wants to move.          an apparent movement can be a non-movement in disguise.          a non-movement can be a movement in disguise.           cathedrals.     cathedrals and brain space.     cathedrals and the deep sea.     figure. limits of the figure.  entity.      ghost, statue, body, human being    apprehension and perception of an entity in space…  substances     water,fire,light,earth,stone,air,     substances and music: substances and types of uses/movements for those substances (listen to bach vs.     schubert) empathy    feeling the other inside one. another type of ghost* __ 

hot old lcd

priest with no church

flung his self against the bricks

happily and painfully, he splattered joy as housepaints

pink and white and baby blue, lime green

une 2014


if all the little chicks emerged 
from my stomach
and sea creatures studying Theology
joined hands over bread

Space, atmosphere.

Places, active fields of attention.

Active Fields of Attention.

Active Field.

The Active Field. And Active Field.

An Active Field. A Storm. A Pink and Green Storm.

        Meditation. Wonder. Space.

        Imagine space. Imagine space. Imagine space.

        Space beyond. The place beyond. I beckon beyond. She beckons beyond.
        It is play.

-Sept 21st (a poem-image)

As if the back pain is not enough! 

As if the back pain is not enough, and the endless dragon named Distraction
    My heart can't take this

How I love and love every creature, especially my fellow human ones,  
    for they are like me

And like me they are a cosmos each, a vision of architecture, a politics, 
    a romantic literature, and a technology, and a sense of the heroic

Where oh where does it end, this and every feeling? 
    Why a heart at all? 
    What does the species need?

The plants hang about me, wondering at my unsightly feed and growth
The windows make some leaves yellow and, indeed, indicate somewhat the blood beneath my flesh. 
    What of your hearts , fern and lily? 
    What do you think you are staring at? 

And how boring it has become, public charges against humanity by humanity. Sociopaths aside (for the moment), 
    What of our hearts, hearts?
    What do we think we are staring at? 

I ask, and then I ask my heart to cool its golden rings in time. For now another life dangles before my
    disappearing hands. Almost violently, I want to cool all the pain. 
    The windows set me on to evening, and wish the plants sweet dreams. 

blurred entity W

Smeared across half a moment, or half a second: 

    It could be Britney,  judging now approximately. 
    It could also be the troll-like drifter that fixes a Saturn on my street. 
    He pushed a van with Lord of the Rings. 
    Now he hoists a car aloft, the weight spreads through his abdomen. 
    She moves through the crowd to a clearing, the clearing that she's earned, we think.  
    Her being rests here. 
    Or we dream this, anyway. We are willing to dream for others to get ourselves
    off our own backs.


    Engage the Flash! 
    It drapes, and sometimes lovingly, the flashed-on person's surface. 
    A storm approaches, and i cannot perceive which god-

    A storm approaches, it is summer. 
    A billowed, yearning radiance, a dust of dew, 
    the spring green charging up and up--

    It could be Britney, Christina, Rihanna. It could be Hillary. 
    Or now is it Zeus or Zog, the troll or God? 
    He hammers on a planet-carriage, sweeps its guts and fingers its holes.
    Chaos rips us into baby beasts. 
    We've hunted too long. 
    Now Earth is Covered. 


  Tomorrow we will find an entity. 

To Physical Science! You Must Admit!

As a field of study, is it NOT!! inner and inter-human space that is the most mysterious, vast, terrifying, and promising of return? Is it not a more profound field of study than the physical universe?
Consider psychopaths, love, bad conversation, families.
The multiverse, the molecular and sub-molecular levels receive endless funds, time, and respect. I don’t question this so much, I realize that the Hard sciences deal in Hard-ass quantities.
Meanwhile, despite histories of religion and philosophy, the depth of what is human remains much more shrouded in uncertainty than molecules and black holes and nano-drones. There’s no tech for seeing the psyche, no math, no quantities. Jung gets it going, the whole thing without taking hallucinogens, but how to follow? How to ask that discipline of the average individual? 

It's a cultural issue; Bill Nye is never going to talk about Jung on his program.
Neurology could maybe...
Probably not too soon. 

This Figure

This figure , wrists encrusted with failing cement
Either stories-large or seeming so

His eyes still move, that is all
His chest is wide with pulse, a slam and some ash -
His culture is sexual is not sentient
He is not me, I assure you

He is not me, I grow only as a one
He is many, is the air of stone and expanse

His nod repeats in the blinks of those that (seem to) stand before him

There again and again, a dream that fills the view
The sky behind him is boring on his days
He possesses no more power that the minds of those that stand before him
And he does not see, ever, for his feet do not move

He possesses only the screen of your duration, on his days, the dust so dry to the mouth of your sky


Bunnies bunnied

There was once a bunny born, 

born with a flesh and fur of copper, eyes of emerald, 

and a brain of carrots. 

And so he died quickly, unfortunately.  

Yet, this bunny was so beautiful nonetheless.

And he inspired the gods to create rain. 

And you can still hear copper and emeralds if you listen closely to the rain. 

April 1 2014